Grethen-Cahrenger Memorials

Our Services

We have been a FULL SERVICE DEALER since 1907 and provide the following:

Memorial Cleaning

Did you recently visit the grave of a loved one only to discover their tombstone was dirty and in need of cleaning or preservation? Over a period of time tombstones will accumulate a layer of deposits resulting from hard water, dust, dirt, or lichens, mold, and fungus that usually grow on a porous stone.

We provide cleaning and minor repair services for tombstones, headstones and monuments.

The Services We Offer:

Cleaning: We use non-toxic, biodegradable cleaners that are specifically designed for tombstones that are safe and will not harm stones. A biocide that inhibits the re-growth of mold and lichens is also applied at the time of the cleaning.

Below are some before and after pictures

Repairing: Broken tombstones can be repaired (where all parts are available), using the correct epoxy for the job. A specific epoxy must be used and used correctly. Please see our page on repairs to see what dimension of stones we can handle and more information.

Digital Photography Services: We will photograph your stone with a digital camera and provide a before and after photo. Additional photos of the cemetery surrounding environs (genealogist's love seeing where their ancestors are buried) can also be taken for a fee.